How Can I Help Your Business?

Photo of Mark SmallwoodI’ve served in a variety of roles for technology companies in Silicon Valley.  Throughout my career I have aimed at contributing to the creativity and innovation that characterizes the Valley, at startups and Fortune 500 companies: Oracle, Yahoo!, Unisys, Juniper Networks, Borland, Intuit, LSI Logic, Aspect Telecommunications, Embarcadero Technologies, click2try, and others.

Now I focus on helping companies share the benefits of their technology products by way of white papers, online training, video scripts, marketing collateral, and other forms of communication.

Communication, marketing, project management, software, and startups are all topics I’m passionate about. Building and maintaining relationships isn’t just a snazzy new social media thing for me–it’s been a key to my success for as long as I’ve been working.  Contact me to discuss your ideas, your projects, or ways we might work together.

You can email me at or phone me at 503-960-0363. See the Contact Me page for more ways to get in touch.