You’ll find a number of writing samples and videos below. Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss a project.

Technical Writing

Most of these samples are from my work at Borland Software. These overviews, reference docs, and programming guide topics were aimed at a software developer audience using Borland’s Delphi application development software. I’ve also included samples from other clients, as well and will continue to add samples.

DBWeb Overview (Borland)

XSD Schema File Property (Borland)

XML Files and DBWeb (Borland)

XML File and DBWeb Controls (Borland)

Web Data Links (Borland)

VCL Overview (Borland)

SCC Integration (Borland)

BDPNet Overview (Borland)

BDPNet Component Designers (Borland)

ADONet Overview (Borland)

Using the click2try Application Manager (click2try)

SSL VPN Instant Virtual System Guide (Juniper Networks)

Articles/Web Content

The first few articles here were published on eZineArticles.com. They are SEO optimized (within the constraints of the eZineArticles Terms and Conditions) and deal primarily with small business and communication topics.

Serving Customers One at a Time

What You Must Know About Writing Your Press Release

Getting Things Done with a Marketing Mix

Your Breakeven Point Calculation is Critical to Success

Improve Competitive Analysis through Simple Observations

The Secret to Writing Procedures People Can Follow

Maintain Focus and Attention to Succeed

You Can Still Leverage the Power of User Group Events in Your Marketing Mix

Bundle Products and Services for Profits

Writing an Article with Three Easy Techniques


I’ve used these eBooks as promotional pieces and free giveaways for list building. Maybe a little out of date at this point, but they still demonstrate organization and communication skills.

Get Found with Local Search (PDF ebook)

Fast, Cheap, and In Control (PDF ebook)

101 Tips for Marketing and Running Your Really Small Business (PDF ebook)

Magic Keys to Small Business (PDF ebook)

Press Releases

Press releases are still a good way to generate interest and to develop outbound links.

Book Publication Press Release

click2try Collaboration Tools Press Release

White Papers

White papers serve a unique purpose–combining technical information with sales benefits–in other words, helping your prospects and champions build a relevant and compelling business case for purchasing your products and services.

click2try Current Technology Solutions to IT Challenges

Leveraging Database Expertise

Video Script

In the following video script, I used a traditional two-column approach, showing screenshots and suggested text/bullet points on the right, narration on the left. This script was recorded by a professional voiceover artist and the animations were produced by HexaGroup in Houston, Texas.  You’ll notice that I included the keyword optimization on the first page of the script.

Introducing click2try (script)

Introducing click2try Video

One of the interesting aspects of having an “arm’s length” relationship with the video developer is possible misinterpretation of the script. In this case, although it works out OK, I intended the bulleted lists to be textual content that appeared on the screen, without narration. Instead, the developer had the voiceover artist read the bulleted lists. Not what I would have done, as it makes the video a little too long and seems a bit redundant, in my opinion. But, the client liked it and the narrator has a great voice, so it all worked out fine.


I’ve included the printed procedural guides that went along with the click2try e-learning modules. Additionally, I’ve included links to some of the videos.

click2try SugarCRM Tutorial (print tutorial)

click2try Redmine Tutorial (print tutorial)

click2try dotProject Quick Start Guide (print tutorial)

TinyMCE Tutorial

Adding a New User in vTiger CRM

Partner Program Materials

Here you’ll find a few examples of partner documents. If you’re trying to develop partner relationships of any type, you need to create proper collateral to explain the purpose of your program, as well as participation processes.

click2try Partnering Opportunities

click2try White Label Program

click2try White Label Assessment

click2try White Label Pricing Scenarios

What is click2try?