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Video Script

In the following video script, I used a traditional two-column approach, showing screenshots and suggested text/bullet points on the right, narration on the left. This script was recorded by a professional voiceover artist and the animations were produced by HexaGroup in Houston, Texas.  You’ll notice that I included the keyword optimization on the first page of the script.

Introducing click2try (script)

Technical Documentation

These examples represent a sample of technical documentation I wrote while working for Borland, click2try, and Juniper Networks. Additionally, I have written technical documentation for Oracle, Aspect Telecommunications, Tandem Computers, Unisys, Embarcadero Technologies and others.

Developer IDE Components

DBWeb Overview (Borland)

XSD Schema File Property (Borland)

XML Files and DBWeb (Borland)

XML File and DBWeb Controls (Borland)

Web Data Links (Borland)

VCL Overview (Borland)

Developer, Application, and Network Admin Guides

SCC Integration (Borland)

BDPNet Overview (Borland)

BDPNet Component Designers (Borland)

ADONet Overview (Borland)

Using the click2try Application Manager (click2try)

SSL VPN Instant Virtual System Guide (Juniper Networks)